Updating Your Resume 2019 - Top Tips

How do you do updating your resume 2019? If you’re thinking about changing careers or applying for a new job, then it may be high time you update your CV to keep it fresh and current for the application. You must also know is an objective necessary on a resume 2019 to tailor your paper based on the most acceptable practices in writing.  Check out the following for a guide.

Updating Your Resume 2019

According to Theundercoverrecruiter.com, the best font for a resume is a subjective choice, but you must be able to find one modern, crisp and clear. Some of the suggestions include Book Antiqua, Calibri, Cambria, Arial, Helvetica, and Tahoma.

  • You must also think of the size, and avoid 9-pt size. It is too small and it might lead to the squinting of the hiring manager.   

  • Choose between 10 and 12 resume font size for easier reading.

  • Finally, you should save your file in PDF so that your paper can be read easily.

Consider these tips when choosing font size and style in modern CV template 2019 to make your resume more readable.

If you want to increase your chances for the job opportunity, you must also update your CV. It will make sure your contact information is current. You can also add new skills and work experience on it. Updating your CV is also important to tailor it based on the requirements as stated in the job posting.

What Are the Latest Resume Trends?

To improve the application for the position, you should know about the latest trends. According to Career Cloud, you should not list all the schools attended. In short, cut out all the irrelevant information.  The resume will be more summarized. In that case, you should only list schools, which are relevant to those giving you the highest credentials.

  1. Experience is necessary.  Today, employers are more likely to hire people with the skills and experiences needed for the job.

  2. LinkedIn profiles are the new online resumes. You should know that many employers are looking for talents in this platform.

  3. Use of caps is not accepted in resumes.

  4. Twitter is another online resume. Thus, you should also create a professional profile there aside from knowing about resume formatting 2019. Employers look at your online presence using this platform. You must be consistent and share your knowledge with your followers.

  5. Another trend is a one-page resume.

  6. Colorful fonts are not acceptable.

  7. Applicant tracking systems become more important. Use keywords in your resume to improve your visibility.

  8. Companies may have their sample of a resume 2019 for their formatting. Many of them will ask you to complete your profile using their template.  In short, you will be adding your details in their system.

  9. Numbers and bullets are important than paragraph styles.

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Free Stylish Resume Templates: Updating Your Resume 2019

You should give your resume a makeover! You must use updated resume template 2018 to keep up with the trends of recruitment and job applications. You can explore presentation and styles, and choose a color, font and job-specific resume trends. The following are tips to help with updating your resume 2019.

  1. Revise your resume. Tailor it to the job posting. You should add recent career growth, skills, and work experiences. Include your ambitions and expectations in a clear and brief manner.

  2. Update your education section.  Include any new courses to add to your resume. Update your training courses and certifications if needed as well.

  3. Update work history section.  If you have gained more experiences, add it. Just make sure they’re relevant for the job.

  4. Skip the objective. If you have it, you must get rid of it. Replace it with your career summary of your professional qualification.

  5. Determine keywords and add them to your resume. These words are in the job posting. They can be soft skills, technical knowledge, abilities needed for the job and so on. Look for those and add them to your resume.

  6. Skip the dates in your education, unless you’ve just graduated.

  7. Eliminate some jobs. Do not include those jobs, which are not relevant to the application. Update and split your work experiences. You may want to target some areas of your experiences. For example, some sections may focus on marketing and some on sales.

  8. Get rid of your personal information. Keep your paper professional.

Updating your resume 2019 is necessary. It can keep your application aligned with the requirements of the job. You must, therefore, read and understand the job posting before updating. Get clue words from it and add it to your CV. Learn from the above guide for more about ways to update your CV.

Start updating your resume 2019 today!