Awesome Resume Summary Statement Examples 2018

Are you looking for some resume summary statement examples? These examples will guide you on resume writing that will describe your best assets and accomplishments at a glance. So just like knowing how to list skills on a resume 2018, you must also learn how to write the summary statement that will best describe what you can offer.

Piece of Advice from an Expert

Whether you’re looking for a resume summary for career change or fresher, there are certain things that the experts want to say about it.  According to The Balance, the resume summary statement is a short list or a couple of sentences that must be at the top of your resume.  It must be after the contact information.

Before writing the resume summary statement examples 2018, you should also know that the statement must highlight your main qualifications for the application. In short, it will be a short summary of your professional qualifications to show to the hiring manager.

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Resume Career Summary Examples: What Is a Summary Statement and Why You Need It

While the resume summary won’t guarantee you to be hired or being called for a phone screening, it will help you stand out from the rest who did not include it in writing their CV. The summary can be a list of qualifications or can be a brief summary of what you can offer.

What are the benefits of using resume summary statement examples 2018? Apart from knowing how to answer job interview questions through practice,  learning how to write the summary statement proves helpful for applicants who want a concise CV. It is written above the fold of the paper, giving an instant first impression for the applicant.

You also need to learn how to write an executive summary for a resume so that you can show at a quick glance the things you can bring to the table. It provides the hiring manager the chance to know your best assets and accomplishments that can help you perform your job better.

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But according to The Interview Guys, you have to do a research first.  You must list the most important things you did to that point of application, but the summary must be able to maximize your potential.  Writing the summary, therefore, is essential because it also saves you space in your CV.  

There are basic resume template examples 2018 to see that will teach you how to get your statement right.  It must be from four to six bullets.  If using sentences, you need to distil those best accomplishments to only a few sentences.

To help you write it,

  • Know what they’re looking for.

  • Learn what they want the person to offer to the company.

  • Know about the critical problems you found in the job posting and highlight ways you can help solve these issues.

  • Identify your key strengths and career highlights.

Once you know the answers here, you can start thinking what to write in your summary.

Do not include certain things in your summary.  Whether writing a profile summary in resume for freshers or experienced professionals, avoid writing about certain things, including Microsoft Office knowledge, certain things you know how to do but don’t like doing, and adjectives, such as hardworking and results-oriented.

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Resume Summary Statement Examples 2018

The following is a list of summary statement examples that you may want to consider using for yourself.


  • An energetic high school graduate possessing a strong interest to do admin work in a growing organization. Ability to provide top level customer service

  • High school graduate known for leadership skills. Dependable with special talent in handling a team and executing the tasks in a timely manner

  • Self-starter with dedication and focus on the job; ability to meet deadlines with motivation


  • Over 20 years of experience in the legal profession; possesses a strong background in corporate law, ability to communicate effectively and excellent communication skills

  • Experienced in leading a team in a dynamic call center environment

  • 10 years of working experience with excellent writing and speaking skills, ability to learn fast and work in a dynamic environment; possesses strong environmental awareness knowledge

  • Excellent IT specialist with record of accomplishment in startup businesses and large companies; leveraging specialization in computer networking, organization and problem solving for assistance and support in resolving conflict 

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Basic Resume Template Examples 2018: Tips in Writing

Check out the following for some tips in writing the summary statement in your resume.

  1. Read and understand the job opening post.

  2. Get key phrases and words from there.

  3. Pick your most recent accomplishments and professional qualifications that meet those needs.

  4. Distil your summary into two or three sentences or up to six bullet points.

There you have the best ways on how you can write the summary statement in your resume. Check out more resume summary statement examples today!