Unusual Resume Ideas 2019 That Work!

It takes only five to ten seconds for recruiters to accept or junk your resume. This is why it is very crucial to grab their attention the moment their eyes land on your document. If you are applying for a design position and you have monotonous texts in your document, then you need some help finding resume ideas 2019. Because this year is all about innovation and design, you need to bring your A game. This article gives you some ideas and tips to help you in updating your resume 2019.

The Most Searched Jobs Online

According to Business News Daily, graphic designers are the most widely searched jobs online since 2011. In the US alone, there are 287,000 graphic designers as of today. A typical graphic designer earns between $37,000 and $57,000 annually.

Another in demand job is mobile design. Mobile designers are responsible for designing your Smartphone applications and home screens. This job involves creativity, which what mobile phone companies are looking for.

As per How Design, another in-demand job today is website design. Those websites you visit are designed and maintained by these professionals to ensure seamless user experience.  

evaluate your options

Designing Your Resume; Designing Your Future

For updating your resume 2019, you need an innovative design. Gone are the years of boring texts, bullets, and long paragraphs to show your skills. Today is the year of imaginative ideas and boundless possibilities. Here are the tips and formats on how to write a resume 2019.

Keep It Neat:  One of the best resume tips 2019 is to keep it simple. Some recruiters want it neat but meaty. They want to get the information they need at the first glance. If you are leaning on this tip, make sure you include only the necessary information to save space. Among the basic information that  you need to include are:

  • Your name

  • Degree

  • Contact information

  • Skills and/or Experience

  • Competencies

Resume Ideas that Look Unique and Impressive

Check out the following for resume ideas 2019 that can help you stand out in the application.

1. Check this image example of Mikaila Barber’s resume. It is a unique approach to writing your resume.

unique resume sample

Image credit: hongkiat.com

2. Use a Time Line: If you’ve been working for a while and you want to include the milestones of your career in your resume, then there is no other better way to present them but to use a timeline design. Another popular CV template 2019 is the timeline format. In Navdeep’s resume at HONGKIAT, you would notice how he breaks down his years of experience neatly.

3. Illustrate:  If you were applying for illustration or image editing job, then it would help to display your talent in sketching. We think this is a self-portrait of Monica Gomes in her resume.This style keeps your resume unique and shows your professional enthusiasm.

illustrated resume sample

Image credit: hongkiat.com

4. Think Outside the Box:  This is a world of creativity and innovation. It seems that everyone has their own trick and you need to evaluate your options to step up your game. This inventive resume surely landed the applicant an interview.

box resume sample

Image credit: hongkiat.com

5. Use Infographics:  Infographics are the new methods of presenting ideas nowadays. In this resume sample you would notice the applicant’s graphs to show experiences and skills. This style breaks the flatness and dullness of pure texts. 

6. Promote Yourself:  The main purpose of your resume is to promote yourself and convince the recruiter that you are the best candidate for the job. In this example the applicant did an exceptional job to display his skills in web design.

promotion yourself resume sample

Image credit: hongkiat.com

Finding Online Resources

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, there are adequate online resources for CV formats samples 2019. Among the websites and sources for 2019 resume templates wordGoogle and other options that can be helpful for you are the following:

  • Cover Letters and Resume – They provide templates and useful tips on how to write better resumes.

  • Jobscan.com – Here, you will be able to create your own resume based on their guidelines. They provide tips on how to arrange details on your document.

  • ResumeGenius.com – If you’re looking for 2019 resume templates word, you’ll find it here.

  • Video resume example 1: Short but sweet, this video application can be used as sample when making your video CV.

  • Video resume example 2: Watch it and learn how to make a video CV stand out.

  • Website resumes: Browse from a wide range of options in personal websites and website style resumes.

  • List of website resumes: Check out inspiring website resumes to get started with yours.

Get the Job Done

The look of your resume and the information you include therein will determine if you’re about to land an interview or be back at the square one in job hunting. How you present your credentials is as good as your experience as an applicant. First, you have to evaluate your options when it comes to choosing the format. Second, collect the necessary details to include in your document. And finally, polish your resume. Make sure it is free from any grammatical, punctuation, and technical error.

Ingenuity is the key to achieving the best resume and land an interview. Don’t be afraid to break from the traditional and boring formats – dare to be different. Choose the unique resume ideas 2019 that represents your character. Market yourself as a commodity among the pool of applicants and get the job done.

Use these resume ideas 2019 today!