Resume Guidelines 2019 - All You Have to Know

Resume guidelines 2019 can improve your chances of being hired. They contain the top tips to remember when writing this important document when applying for a job.  By using the right resume style 2019, you’re well on your way to develop a masterpiece that will impress the recruiter or hiring manager. If you do follow these tips, you can get enough interviews from prospective employers.

Expert Advice: 2019 Resume Tips

You must choose the right resume style for your work experience. It must be one that can highlight your achievements and strengths, according to The Balance. So before writing, be careful when selecting which one will suit your experience and skills.

Review templates and examples. Do not choose the first format that you’ve found. Be able to assess which among the styles can present your information in the best way as possible. For example, you may want to go for a functional resume instead of a chronological resume if you have an employment gap.

Resume Rules 2019

Knowing of the most common resume rules 2019 will not only help you land a job but will also expand your network. No matter the resume format you’ll be using, you must also know of the most important rules in writing.  Check out the following for a start.

The Muse says you must not use an extravagant design. For example, you must not use many types of fonts but stick to only one.  Know that using many kinds of fonts in your paper does not help you become creative.  What it does is create a visual problem that distracts the reader’s attention from your message.  Aside from this rule, here are the others:

  1. Use the right ordering format. Choose among styles, including functional, chronological, combined or targeted. For example, you may want to stick with the chronological if you do not have an employment gap, but a functional resume if you have it.

  2. Including a reference section must also be avoided. It just takes up space in the resume style 2019.

  3. Stick with one page for your resume. Remember that a hiring manager may only have a few seconds to scan your resume. In that case, writing the second page might be a waste of effort and time.  Be precise and straight to the point when writing to convey your message instantly.

  4. Detail your work experience. In this section, you can browse for resume examples in English 2019 on how to write it.For the most part, the section is not about job duties but accomplishments.

  5. Sloppy paper with grammar and spelling errors is another common violation. You must proofread and edit a couple of times to avoid this mistake.  The same goes with your LinkedIn profile. See to it that it does not contain any typos and errors.

CV Templates 2019: How Modern Resume Format Differs from the Classic Resume

Classic. The classic resume makes use of the chronological format as most used.  Most resumes are still using this format. Here, two pages may still apply. However, you should limit only up to five bullets per job. The verb tenses must be consistent. Use the past tense for previous job experience and present tense should be for the present job.  The classical format also turns duties into achievements or accomplishments, according to Bench Sourcing.

Modern. The up to date resume format 2019 makes use of simple fonts and no complicated spacing.  The professional summary is used here instead of objectives. For this, applicants use an overview to describe experiences and skills.  It must also be short and only one page.  The modern resume must also be updated regularly.

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7 Steps for Resume Writing

Check out the following for the most important steps in writing the resume. It must follow the resume guidelines 2018. To start, check out the following:

  1. Avoid using fancy fonts and complicated spacing. You should also use bullets for easy readability.

  2. Use professional summaries instead of a job objective.

  3. Highlight your competencies and skills. You should also use keywords related to the job you’re applying for so that it appears on top of job searches on databases.

  4. Use basic and simple language in writing. Avoid using jargons if you don’t want to cause confusion.

  5. Write the essential details above the fold or the first half of the page.  

  6. Remove the fluff or avoid filler language. Be straight to the point.  Make use of subheadings instead of long paragraphs in your paper.

  7. Submit the resume in PDF format. This will retain the format of your paper as you see it. The resume will be viewed by the employer in the same way you can.

Important Tips

Read and understand the job requirements before writing. Use keywords to highlight your skills and knowledge in the job. Focus on your accomplishments and avoid listing only job duties. Proofread your paper before saving it in PDF format. Follow these resume guidelines 2019 and make your application shine.

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