Best Resume Buzzwords 2018 You Need to Include in Your CV Now!

The resume buzzwords 2019 can display your abilities, knowledge, and skills in your application. Using them is as important as following resume guidelines 2019.  Keep reading and learn about the most important buzzwords to include and avoid in your paper.

Facts and Stats about Hiring

Before learning about the buzzwords for resumes 2019, check out the following for facts and stats you may be interested to know.  See them to know more about recruitment, according to Business 2 Community.

  • Recent stats reveal that 5 to 7 seconds is the average time spent by hiring managers and recruiters when reading a resume.

  • Don’t include a photo in your resume.  It is one reason of 88% rejection rate.

  • For an unprofessional email address, about 76% of resumes are discarded.

Why You Need Buzzwords for Your Resume

So the professional references are obsolete. You must avoid using them in your resume; instead, you must consider buzzwords. These words work like keywords that can emphasize on your abilities, knowledge, and skills. Keywords can help your resume be in front of human eyes, mainly due to applicant tracking system (ATS).

Making a list of resume buzzwords 2019 can help you trim down your experiences. You can list down only those that you think the hiring manager will be interested to know about.   You must write in the same language of the hiring manager, according to Career Builder.

You can check out the sample of a resume 2019 and you’ll notice the use of these buzzwords, which depend on the kind of job or industry. These keywords should be scattered in many parts of your paper.

According to, depending on how the system works, you should know that the location and frequency of these keywords are important.   Your resume will be better if it will match the job description requirements. This will help you in ranking in the ATS.  So if you want a more effective approach to job applications, you must consider using resume buzzwords.

What about Using Resume Buzzwords Generator

Using such resume buzzwords generator will help you come up with a keyword or strong words to use in your paper. They will be what can help you capture the attention of your readers and make them realize you have the knowledge and skills in the job you’re applying. Choose from a wide range of buzzword generators and start searching for keywords.

Check out the following for a list of keywords you can make use of or find in a resume buzzword generator. The Balance also stated other proactive buzzwords. Find out what words to avoid writing your CV.

Best 15 buzzwords to include in CV 2019

Worst 15 buzzwords not to put in your resume

  1. Accurate

  2. Confident

  3. Innovative

  4. Pro-active

  5. Adaptable

  6. Responsible

  7. Reliable

  8. Hardworking

  9. Generated

  10. Implemented

  11. Managed

  12. Formulated

  13. Achieved

  14. Planned

  15. Completed

  1. Self-motivated

  2. Excellent communication skills

  3. Multitasker

  4. Flexible

  5. Motivated

  6. Detail oriented

  7. Goal driven

  8. Strong work ethic

  9. Independent

  10. Go-getter

  11. Thought leadership

  12. Synergy

  13. Go-to person

  14. Results-driven

  15. Think outside the box

Sample of a Resume 2019: Tips for Using Keywords & Writing CV

There are several tips to make a more effective resume. For one, you should be specific in using those keywords.Some best words include created, achieved, resolved, volunteered, mentored, influenced and, reduced and negotiated.You must also use as many keywords as possible.

In addition, avoid using a skill keyword if you do not have that skill.  Use only appropriate buzzwords that match your skills and qualifications.You can also mix and match keywords, hard and soft skills, certifications and industry buzzwords.  In that case, you can show that you have a diverse set of skills, which can benefit the company if they’d take you in.

Sprinkle the buzzwords in your resume, especially if you’re uploading it online. You must incorporate them in your job description, career summary, and skills section. However, avoid using them too many times, or else your resume will look as if you’re spamming job search sites.You must also remember not to use resume buzzwords to avoid when applying for jobs.  Use keywords in your cover letter to match it with your resume. You need to do it so that you can have a better chance of being selected if the cover letter will be scanned.

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Start Using Buzzwords 

These words can help you rank in job searches. They can aid recruiters in finding your CV in job databases, social media and other job sites and can also highlight your skills and knowledge in the job you’re applying.  These buzzwords can include specialist technical skills, languages, affiliations, markets or sectors, awards and publications.

For increased chances of being hired, use the best resume buzzwords 2019 today!