New Resume Format 2019 - Mistakes to Avoid

How should a new resume format 2019 look like? This question might be what you’re asking to write an impressive application that includes the best resume buzzwords 2019. For one, it must contain no grammar errors and typos, according to Monster.  To learn more about how your new resume should look like, read on and learn from the following guide.

What Does a Resume Look Like in 2019?

If you’d look at CV formats samples 2019, you can notice that they’re written in the way that the employer understands what the applicant has accomplished and done. To learn more, check out the following trends on what the new resume format 2019 must look like.

You must not attempt one-size fits all approach:  Do not end up with a generic application to send to all employers.  If you do, your application will be tossed in the recycle bin immediately.

You should highlight accomplishments, not duties in the new resume format 2019:  In writing your resume, you must list down your achievements, not your job duties. The hiring manager or recruitment specialist already knows it.

You should not cut short or write too long:  You must not exceed your resume to one-page, which is what the new resume format 2019 must look like.   Avoid making too long resumes, such as five pages. If needed, then at most must be two pages.

You should skip the objective section in the new resume format 2019: It must be replaced with the career summary, a list of your professional skills and key accomplishments.  The objective is outdated. It is not fit for modern resumes.

You must use action verbs: Do not write words, such as responsible for, but write action words, including managed, resolved, handled, increased, and oversaw and others, depending on your skills.

Include important contact information:  Do not leave essential details about you.

A mistake is using a very visually busy format and design: Unless you’re in the design field to show creativity, use a simple format, font and layout for your resume.  Recruiters might find it hard to focus on your message if you use so many fancy design elements, including much use of colors and icons in your paper.

You should update information: You should see to it that your information in the b new resume format 2019 is updated and correct. See that you’re writing the correct home address. You can also list down two of them if you’re moving soon.

Expert Advice on the Perfect Resume 2019

According to Monster, cutting things short or going too long on the resume is a mistake. You should not be sending a resume with five pages, but limit it to one or a maximum of two. Depending on your work experience and most important accomplishments to include, one or two pages is enough.

Best Resume Examples: What Are the Latest Trends in Resume Writing?

What are the latest trends in writing the new resume format 2019? There are some key concepts in modern resume writing that you need to know.  They will help you keep up with the demands and changes of the time.  For a start, keep reading.

  • Write your contact Information:  The best resume examples have updated contact information, which contains your name, email address, and phone number.

  • Make your resume pop: Replace Times New Roman and use Calibri, Georgia or Cambria.

  • Do not write an objective section: This section will just waste precious space.  You can look into some of the best resume examples and see that they’re using career summary instead of objective.

  • An easily readable content is what you need: Guide the eyes of your readers by using bullets and subheadings.  Using these will avoid chunky text sections with long paragraphs. Divide your content accordingly by using such elements.

  • Another trend is cover letter customization: It must be matching with your resume’s design. For example, use the same type of paper, font sizing and color, among other things as in your resume.

  • According to Time, the new resume format 2019 should also be able to highlight your best assets and value. You don’t need to limit your resume to one page if you need more space to convey your value.  You can use active verbs, bullet points and industry-specific terms or acronyms to save some space.

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Worst 10 Resume Mistakes

The following are the worst mistakes to commit in the new resume format 2019. Make sure that you don’t commit them for increased chances in getting an interview invitation.

  1. Grammar and typos: This will not help you show credibility and reliability. Avoid them at all cost. Proofread your paper.

  2. Objective section: Skip it and use a career summary instead. This will highlight your professional experience and show your value to the potential employer.

  3. Writing too long: Stick with only one page and avoid more than two pages for your resume.

  4. Generic resume: Do not send one-size fits all resume to all jobs.

  5. Not tailoring based on application: You must write the resume per job application for increased chances of getting an interview.

  6. Not using the right format: You should choose from chronological, functional, hybrid or targeted resume based on your experience.

  7. Not updating contact information: Do not write old contact details. For example, you must update your home address if you have moved.

  8. Not updating skills: You should update skills section. Add some new skills if you have gained a few.

  9. Using jargons: You must tailor your resume with words that are easy to understand.

  10. Not using buzzwords or keywords: These words help your resume rank better on job searches. Use them according to your industry and scatter in your application paper.

Follow these tips and come up with an impressive new resume format 2019. Avoid the mistakes and fix the problems to ensure that your application is updated with the latest trends.

Use a new resume format 2019 today!