Is an Objective Necessary on a Resume 2019? The Answer and More!

Is an objective necessary on a resume 2019? This is one of the most common questions you’ll find in job forums and social media about job search and resume writing just like where to find resume summary statement examples 2019. To know the answer and more, check out the following about a resume objective. Is it needed for today’s application?

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Career Facts and Stats

According to Devskiller, 62% of employees, while 86% of recruiters thought that the labor market in 2016 was candidate-driven. In addition, recruiters, about 65% of them, claimed of a talent shortage. It was the biggest hiring challenge according to them. published statistics that included the most competitive industries. According to the article on the site, manufacturing (98%), hospitality (96%) and technology (94%) are industries where hiring is competitive.

Is an Objective Necessary on a Resume 2019? What Is It?

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Do I need an objective on my resume 2019? If you were checking for tips and you are looking for an answer if you need this objective statement or not, check this out. The objective states your employment goals. It is listed instead of a career summary at the top of your resume. It usually comes after the contact information.

It must be specific about the job title and desired employment. The objective statement you will find in resume examples in English 2019 also shows that the objective statement tells about the career you’re looking. It also tells about your experiences and skills that make you a fit for the role.

What is a resume objective statement? The statement highlights your goals and things you want to achieve in the job. If you’d look at new CV template 2019, you can notice that the objective is no longer necessary. It is already replaced by a career summary or professional qualification section. The objective is no longer a requirement for a resume; instead, it is the professional summary you need. Why is that so? The summary statement is a better presentation of things you can bring to the table. It also highlights how you can answer the needs of the employer as stated in the job posting.

So if you want to impress the hiring manager and show that you understood the requirements for the job, you must write the summary statement instead of the objective section.

Summing up, the objective is optional, not necessary. The objective may help in convincing the employer about your familiarity of the field and job. However, using the career summary in the resume proves more useful.

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Common Mistakes in Writing the Objective Statement

Is an objective necessary on a resume 2019? It is optional. If you’ve chosen to use it, you must avoid the following mistakes. According to, being too simple is a mistake. You need to think about what to write before starting. You need to think about it from the perspective of the hiring manager. Do not be too simplistic and generic in the objective. An example of a vague objective

  • To secure a full-time job in a dynamic company

  • Leaving out important details is another mistake. You must write about your talents and inherent skills that you can bring with you for the benefit of the company. You should also include skills and abilities for resume.
  • Not stating a clear goal is another blunder. You should state your goal from the very start. Thus, you need to clarify what you’re looking to achieve in working for the employer.
  • Using generic terms in the objective statement must be avoided. Is an objective necessary on a resume 2019? If you’re using it, you need to avoid generic statements. It happens when you’re trying to write only one objective for all applications. In that case, you must tailor the objective per job application.
  • Being unrealistic is another blunder to avoid. Applicants should not sound unrealistic in the resume but be objective.

So in your resume objective statements, you should think of what to write first, know your goals of working and ways the company will benefit from those things. By avoiding mistakes in writing one, you may increase your chance to get an email invitation.

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Expert Advice

Alison Doyle of the Balance said that the resume profile is a good alternative to your objective. This is also called the summary statement, a brief outline of your experiences and skills for a job. The statement can focus on ways you can add value to and benefit from the company.

Is an objective necessary on a resume 2019? It is optional. Write the resume statement instead. It is more useful and tailored to the job at which you’re applying.

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