How to List Skills on a Resume 2019 - Advice

Listing skills in your resume can help you display your best assets and suitability for the job. These skills can highlight and show the potential employer that you’re the perfect candidate for the job.  Knowing how to list skills on a resume 2019 is essential. Check out the following for the latest resume best practices 2019 and ways to list skills in your CV or resume.

Expert Advice on Job Trends

  • According to, the current unemployment rate in the US is 4.7%.  The number of people unemployed now total to 7.5 million based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Based on Blog Beamery, if the employer manages its brand, about 69% of job applicants are more likely to apply to the job posting. The same source said that 90% of recruiters believe that recruiting, in 2015, was candidate-driven. The data was up from 54% (2011).

3 Ways to List Curriculum Vitae Skills

In this section, you’ll learn how to list skills on a resume 2019. So aside from an updated resume format 2019, you must learn how to include the skills in your paper.

  1. They must show up all over the paper. You don’t just list them in the skills section. It must be in a prominent place for easy scanning. For one, you may want to have a side column where to put it.

  2. You can also list your skills in your career summary section. It is important to display what you can do in a quick manner and in a place that the hiring manager can easily see. Important skills should also go with the experience as well as in the education section.

  3. Your skills should also be in the cover letter. This will help back up what you have included in your resume but in a more detailed manner.

What Are the Skills to Put in Resume?

According to, you should focus first on work-related skills.  They must be real career skills, not those that are not related to the job for which you’re applying.

Before listing down your skills, you must consider practical factors that you can also see in good CV examples 2019.  There are work skills for resume considered – hard and soft.

What are hard skills? They are hard to learn and master because they are technical ones required in performing a job.  Hard skills examples are computer skills or driving.  Typical examples also include,

  • Copywriting

  • Data analysis

  • Accounting

  • Graphic design

  • SEM marketing

  • SEO marketing

  • Computer languages

  • Bookkeeping

  • Mathematics

consider practical factors

On the other hand are soft skills. They are skills, sometimes called social skills or people skills.  They are linked to personal qualities often associated with your emotional intelligence.

  • Relationship building

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Communication

  • Creativity

  • Time management

  • Decision-making

  • Conflict resolution

  • Leadership

Good Skills to Include in Resume

What are the skills to include in your application? They must be the most important ones related or helpful for the job. The following are list of good skills to put on a resume.

For hard skills
For soft skills

How Important Are Skills in Resume

By learning how to list skills on a resume 2019, you will be a step ahead of your competition.  You can display your best assets better than the rest of the applicants. Key skills are also essential. These are the main ones needed to undertake the job effectively.

Hard and soft skills in the resume show your readiness for the job. However, you must include only the most essential ones and leave out those that do not have to do with the job requirement.

For example, you don’t have to say you have baking skills if you’re applying as a computer programmer. In short, do not list all your skills but be selective.

Remember, you need to show how you are a suitable candidate for the job. Listing down skills, which are not related to the application won’t do any good. In fact, they will just waste precious space.

Now that you know how to list skills on a resume 2019, you can highlight them in your resume and stand out in the application process.

 Increase your chances of getting an interview invitation by writing only the most relevant skills required for the job in your CV. Follow these tips on how to list skills on a resume 2019 today!