How Long Should a Resume Be 2019? Here Is the Answer

How long should a resume be 2019? This is the question that applicants are asking.  You may also be looking for the best resume designs 2019 that can help you gain an edge in your application. But apart from the design, you may also be finding information on how long should your paper be for the best results? Check out the following for what you need to know now.

Job Search Stats 2019

Aside from getting the free CV templates 2019, you may also want to learn of the most recent stats.  According to, a corporate job opening garners up to 250 resumes. However, only up to six of these applications are successful in getting an interview invitation. Finally, only one applicant will win the job offer. This is the lucky applicant who may be excited sending thank you notes to the employer and hiring manager.

According to Exponential, the least educated people get more jobs than those who are educated (men), but the opposite for women.

How Many Pages Should a Resume Be 2019: When to Use 1-Page, 2-Page and 3-Page Resumes

What is the best resume format to use in 2019?  The 2 page resume format must be decided based on the applicant’s work experience and skills. It may also be chosen based on what he or she wants to focus on the resume. How many pages should a resume be 2019?

  • 1 page resume: According to Purdue owl, you must use it if you’re an entry-level work or a new graduate.  The reason is that you may not have much relevant work experience.  It may also be used when the situation is calling for a focus on the coursework.

  • 2 page resume format:  It may be used for workers with experience to highlight in the application or if the employer wants a separate page for the references. It also depends on the internships, relevant jobs, and involvement.  Consider the two-page if applying for higher than entry-level positions.

  • 3 page or more pages resume:  Is a 3 page resume too long? This works for executives and managers.  It is also for those with a long record of accomplishments. How long should a resume be 2018? The three or more pages can also be good if you’re including samples of your flexibility and vision.

Why Use a One-Page Resume

You must go for the one-page CV or resume because it is precise and easy to read. Recruiting officers don’t also spend much time reading, so the most important points can be included here.  You must also use the one-page CV if you are a fresher.  It is also used to focus on the accomplishments to show to the potential employer.

How to Make Resume Content Longer and Quality

You don’t have to compromise the quality of your paper even if you want to make it longer. What do you do it make it longer without sacrificing quality?  There can be times when you need to show more competitiveness by using multiple pages. This may help you persuade a potential employer to call you for an interview, according to Monster.

You can make your content longer and quality by including more accomplishments, certifications and training attended. You may also include things about your leadership roles, visions and plans, especially if you’re an executive or a higher senior job seeker.

How Long Should a Resume Be 2019: Make Text Shorter and Accurate

There are certain things you can do to keep your resume concise. You can do it using the following tips:

  1. Do not repeat information.

  2. Get rid of old experiences.  Hiring managers are more interesting about things you did recently, not to those you did 10 years ago.  Focus on the most recent work experiences.

  3. Eliminate job duties. They already know it.  Write a career summary instead. Focus on things that display your responsibility and best accomplishments.

  4. Skip the references section.

  5. Avoid using personal pronouns as well as article use (a, an, the) when writing.

  6. Tailor your resume for the job application to make an impression on the interviewer. Doing so will help you focus on what the job requires and write them in your resume.  If you’re changing career, you may also want to take this opportunity for emphasizing your transferrable skills.

  7. Get rid of unnecessary words. Check your paper for unnecessary phrases, such as “duties” and “responsible for.”

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Tips for Your Resume Writing and Editing in 2019

You can do certain things to improve your resume. Try the following writing and editing tips to achieve how long should a resume be 2019.

  1. Check if it sells you as the perfect candidate.

  2. Review your experiences and see if they stand out among the rest.

  3. Look into the top third of your CV or resume, and see if it will hook the readers.

  4. Are there gaps in your employment? Use the functional format.

  5. Get rid of unnecessary words and phrases.

  6. Remove the references section if you wrote it.

  7. Check if you have written your career summary, not an objective.

  8. See if your contact information is updated and correct.

  9. Look for grammar and spelling mistakes and typos.

Now that you know how long should a resume be 2019 and how to write and edit it, you can gain an advantage over the rest of the applicants.

Follow this guide, use the right format and length as well as design for your CV or resume.Learn more about “how long should a resume be 2019” today!