Current Resume Trends 2019

The current resume trends 2019 can help you increase your chances of being hired. They’re updated with the recent changes in job searches and career trends. If you want to write with the new resume format 2019 check out this useful guide.

Current Resume Trends 2019: Facts about Job Search

According to Julienn Gordon, the downward trend in the overall recruiter’s effectiveness has been continuing since 2005. Additionally, for people who are earning more than $100,000, the most successful strategy is networking. Fifty percent of the candidates are surfacing opportunity using this manner. stated that 45% of job seekers are using their phones and mobile devices in searching for jobs at least once a day. Fifty-four percent of applicants are reading reviews about a company from employees using their mobile devices, and 52% of them are looking for salary information.

There you have some facts about job search you should know aside from learning how to use the standard resume template 2019.

Interesting Facts about the Font in Resume

  • If you’re looking for a trustworthy font, you may want to use Baskerville. Based on experiments, people are more likely to regard information as real when this font is used versus others like Comic Sans or Georgia.

  • In some professions, fancier fonts imply more skill. In fact, chefs are regarded to have more skills by diners who received menus written in fancier fonts than chefs that provided menus with simpler fonts. However, you must use fancier fonts wisely. They are not always the way to go. In fact, the same study revealed that those who got a task with fancy fonts regarded that it would take them almost twice as long.

  • Aside from knowing about the right resume design trends and resume content, you should know the fonts also affect your design. In fact, some studies reveal that serif typefaces aren’t always easy to read.

  • The personalities of fonts are also important to know. Facts reveal that people who have stable personalities use Arial, Times New Roman, and Cambria, according to Creative Market.

Colors and Shapes in Resume

Choose the best resume template 2019 wisely. It is also as important to check on the shapes and colors to use in the paper. For the color, you must stick with default black to reveal professionalism, although some colors may also be useful for creative jobs. For shapes, images, and icons, you can use them to convey statistics or figures.  Some visuals may include charts, graphs and others that may help you keep up with the current resume trends 2018.

What a Good Resume Looks Like 2019

The good resume, according to, must be well formatted. It must have the right design, but you should achieve the balance. Take note of a clear and smooth look to stand out.   Without causing a distraction to the reader, you can spice things up with some colors. You may also want to think of what font to use. You may want to stay away from Times New Roman because it is boring and dated. Instead, choose a sleek and clean font for a better presentation.

  1. The top fold must contain the most important information. This part is what recruiters see first. Make it hooking! Point to places that you want them to see, such as your personal website, LinkedIn profile, email address and phone number.

  2. Write a summary. This will serve as the qualification summary, which will highlight your best assets. Skip the objective part. This is dated. Replace it with the career summary.  It is also wordy, takes up precious space and limits positions that might have been interesting to you.

  3. Focus on your main skills. The resume must also be accomplishment-oriented. You can use bullets in focusing on the accomplishments. Tell the recruiter what you led, designed, created and so on.

  4. Quantify your accomplishments. You should not only tell but show. If you have increased sales by 20%, you must write it.

new resume format 2018

Latest Trends in Resume Writing

One page resumes count: Did you know that recruiters only spend about up to 30 seconds in scanning your resume?  They don’t take more than this amount of time if you failed to capture their attention. Remember that a longer resume does not make it impressive, so stick with one-page to follow current resume trends 2019, unless you want to add more accomplishments that will add value.

  • Visuals are also in. You can use tables, charts, and graphs if needed. If they’d explain things better, then use them.

  • Bullet points are in too. They make your resume easy to read.

  • Choose projects to list in your resume. Do not include everything, but only those that highlight the best ones related to the application.

  • You can also add other important things like awards and activities.

  • Technologies and languages can also be listed as additional skills.

  • You can also include an important project, although not yet finished it belongs to you.  It must be on your resume.

Take note of these perfect resume template 2019 trends to tailor your application better.

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