Best Resume Designs 2019 - How to Choose

If you’re looking for the best resume designs 2019, then stay tuned and read this guide on what to use for the latest trends in resume designing. This post will highlight about the best design tips to help you with the current resume trends 2019 that will help you capture the attention of your readers.  Remember, they only spend about 30 seconds at most at your resume. Make every second count!

Best Resume Designs 2019: Piece of Advice from the Expert

According to Big Interview, you need to get it together first, and then think of the layout and design of your paper. Because even if the design and appearance can set the application apart, applicants will not be able to impress if their paper does not contain the substance. Thus, you need to match current resume trends 2019, the substance or message of your CV and the design of it.

Resume Templates 2019: Types of Designs

If you want to demonstrate your skills, you need to have the best visual resume template or design that works. The type of design to choose depends on your work experience and skills. The most used ones are the following.

Chronological: This style focuses on your work experiences listed in the reverse chronological order. It means that the most recent work experience goes on top.

Functional: This is one of the best resume designs 2019 to choose if you want to focus on your skills and if you have career gaps. It may also be for you if you’re changing career.

Combined: This style is a combination of the first two designs. It can be for you if you want to display both your work experience and skills.

Targeted: This is one of the best resume designs 2019 if you’re looking to match your resume with the job posting. Read and understand it before writing and tailor your paper based on it.

What Factors to Consider When Choosing Resume Designs

There are certain things to think about when looking for the free modern resume templates 2019.  Some of them are the following:

  • Choose the reverse chronological if you have a perfect career pattern, you are not changing industries and you have a good amount of work experiences.

  • You may want to go for the hybrid or functional if you are an ex-military or a rookie.

  • For the seasoned worker, it can be the hybrid or the reverse chronological format.

  • For people in the technical fields, it can be the hybrid, reverse chronological or accomplishment based resume.

  • For professionals, you may want to pick the academic curriculum vitae, professional resume format or the portfolio type.

  • For those in the government, the professional or the reverse chronological may be useful.

  • For the teaching and arts field, they may go for the professional or the academic CV format.

  • For career changers, you can go for the functional format.

How to Update Your Resume

For the format of curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, you need to update it regularly.  Doing so will keep your resume fresh and its information updated. Some things to do in updating your CV include the following:

  1. Change the design and visual style: No matter how good are you in communication like an in-person meeting, you might not be able to show it if your resume is boring.

  2. Change the summary:  In updating the format of curriculum vitae (CV), you also need to modify the summary.  You can state your expectations and ambitions in this section briefly. Here, you need to focus on what you can offer.

  3. Add any additional training qualifications: If you have earned certifications or attended workshops and training as well, you can add them.

  4. Update your work experience:  You can add work experience and new accomplishments in your resume.

  5. Update your skills: You can also add new skills that you did not have in the past.

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Tips for the Best Resume Designs 2019

When choosing the right design for your CV or resume, you must first consider your work experience, field, and skills. For example, people in the creative fields can be more experimental and go for visuals in resumes. For more explanation, check out the following:

  1. Look for a job to apply. Read and understand the job posting. From there, tailor your resume.   What does the job require?

  2. Look for keywords in the job requirements.  Use these clue words in your application to show your understanding of it.

  3. You can start choosing the best resume designs 2019 to use. If you’re using a template, pick one that suits your industry and your work experience. You may also pick based on your skills.

  4. Update your information and make sure your contact, including your home address, is updated.

  5. Skip the objective and replace it with the career summary. Pick your best assets and right them here.

  6. Proofread and edit your resume.

There you have a guide on how to choose from the best resume designs 2019 as well as how to write your application. Remember these tips and do well in your CV or resume.

Pick the best resume designs 2019 today!