Best Font for Resume 2019 - Is It Important?

What is the best font for resume 2019? Writing the resume is one, and presenting it in the best way possible is another. To make your resume work, you need to decide on the typography. What does it matter? Just as what you’d read in resume writing tips 2019, it helps in presenting your CV in the manner that employers would love to read.

Fonts for resumes 2019 lets the employers focus on your message and keeps them hooked to reading. According to the best font for resume Reddit from, size between 10 and 12 would be ideal. For the font type, the most common are Times New Roman. However, the same source revealed that you must stay away from this font if you want a unique resume that does not look like everyone else’s application.

Good CV Examples 2019: Expert Advice

According to Business news daily, Serif typefaces are often associated with being impressive, reliable, authoritative, traditional and respectable (WEEMSS, the infographic on font psychology). Use good CV examples 2019 to choose the right font.

You can make looking for a job more effective if you’d look into the typography of your resume. Some tips from it include using the most useful resume fonts, such as Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Didot and Garamond. The font size for resume 2019 must be well considered for increased job success chances. Remember this sound advice so that you can make a more effective resume format and layout.

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Research Stats about Resume Fonts 2019

Aside from researching about the salary range for a job, you must also consider using the right font. Based on a study published at AD Pushup, using 10-pt size Verdana was the most preferred font to use, but Arial for 12-pt size font.  The study showed that larger texts proved more readable.

Based on another study published at The Next Web, readers felt bad, with a poorly designed layout, expressed with a frown.  On the other hand, those who read good layout content felt better with less time spent.

How to Choose the Font for Your Resume

For the best font for resume 2019 to work, choose wisely! You may want to stick with simple letter types. They are easier to read. As advice, pick up SERIF for printed text and Sans Serif for online. Aside from font type, you must also save your resume in PDF format. It helps so that the employer could read your resume in the same manner you can read it.

What about the Size and Color of the Font

Now for your fonts for resumes 2019, you must stick with the font family, which is easier to read. If you’re using the Arial font, you should use between 10.5 and 12 pt sizes for the best results, according to Monster. If in doubt, you may want to choose 11 points that allow you to write good content amount and increase readability of your resume.  For the color, you should choose black. But then some color if you’re in the visual arts or graphics field for an attractive presentation.

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Latest Font Trends

What is the best font for resume 2019?  Choose from a wide range of font trends, as used by applicants.  Using Times New Roman has long been obsolete. It will just make your resume look generic because almost everyone’s using it. Start selecting the right type of font based on the following list.

  1. Arial: It is the best option for its clean lines and easy readability.

  2. Calibri: The font is good for a universally readable and safe font. It also renders well on the screen.  For the perfect size, choose Calibri 12-pt.

  3. Garamond:  People looking for a traditional resume look can choose this one for its timeless appeal.

  4. Cambria: This is another ideal font for resumes because people are familiar with it.  It is also not as formal as Times New Roman, but it is reliable.

  5. Didot: This font can display your creative side. It suits people in the photography and fashion fields.

  6. Helvetica: This is a modern font used by typographers and designers.

  7. Georgia: You can switch to this font if you do not want the overused Times New Roman.

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Resume Fonts 2019 Tips

Always go for resume fonts that can work on most computers.  While you may have found cool fonts, you might have to stay away from some of them. Some may look appealing, but they may not be readable on some computers. You must pick fonts for both MAC and Windows. When choosing the best font for resume 2019, you should also pick the right size. Somewhere between 10 and 11 is ideal, depending on the font type you have chosen. When it comes to the color, you might as well stick with black. Avoid flashy colors. This might ruin and divert the reader’s focus and not get the message your application tries to convey.

Choose the best font for resume 2019 today!