2018 Resume Format: 5 Crucial Aspects

The 2018 resume format makes the first impression.  Your resume or CV is advertising. If you want customers to buy from you, sell yourself in the best way possible. In that case, decide on the resume style 2018 or format before writing. Know the job you’re applying and choose from the formats available. To get started, keep reading.

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Resume 2018 Template: Facts & Stats

According to Inc.com, every job opening attracts more than 250 resumes. Even so, only 4-6 applicants receive an interview invitation. That’s very low. And did you know? Only one of those interviewees can get a job offer.  

If you’re looking to make your application work, then be different. Know the 20-second rule.  Based on studies, it is the length of time hiring managers and job screeners spend on each resume. Use resume templates 2018 to make your resume winning.

There is many other job search statistics like above to know before applying. And for applicants, they change jobs due to a career opportunity, according to LinkedIn Business. Based on the same source, a talent is more likely to choose a company for their next job if they’re offered with constructive feedback.

Another stat is that compensation is the first reason that talents are accepting a new job and that’s 49%, and for professional development, 33% and work life balance, 29%. These are key reasons that people are accepting a new opportunity.

Choose your 2018 resume format and look into these types of resumes for a start.

Find a Job: Use 2018 Resume Format

Proper resume format 2018: Chronological

The chronological is most used. It suits all job industries. The resume makes use of a reverse chronological order when listing work history. It starts with the most recent job and to the oldest. However, you do not include work experiences that do not have to do the job for which you’re applying.  The 2018 resume format is preferred because it is easy to read and scan. It gives employers a quick glance at your work history and provides them with a good idea about your accomplishments.

For a job interview invitation, a functional resume

This is the next resume for 2018 to use if you want to focus on your skills and work experience. The resume highlights the dates of your work experience in a particular company.  The employment is listed under the details of your skills. You can use it if you have lapses in employment. You can also use it if you’re changing careers or you are a fresher with little to no work experience.

Combination resume examples 2018

As noted, this type is a combination of work experience and skills.  It uses a chronological and functional format combined.  The 2018 resume format allows you to customize your resume, tell a story and match the job opening as well. You can also use the resume for detailing your experience in order to display the type of worker you are.

Targeted: One of the 2018 resume trends

The type of 2018 resume format lets you customize your resume to your targeted job and so the name of the format.  You can include things like qualifications, objective and educational experience to highlight your requirements. This type is time-consuming, but it pays off. The format lets you get higher chances of being hired. You must develop this type carefully. Read and understand the job posting and match it with your qualifications, according to Americas job exchange.

How Do Resume Samples 2018 Affect Applications?

With the 2018 resume format, you can highlight the position you’re applying for, your experience and your industry. The format affects how you’re selling yourself to the employer. This is the reason you need to choose one that matches your qualifications. For example, you may want to use the targeted resume if you want to customize the application and highlight your qualifications that match the job description.

Now if you’re changing careers or you don’t have much experience in your industry, you can use the functional format that emphasizes on skills rather than job experience. Finally, use the chronological format if you want resume formats 2018 that will focus on your job experience from the most recent to the oldest.

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5 Crucial Aspects of 2018 Resume Sample Format

  1. Contact information: This section includes your name, mobile number, home address and email address. It is on top for easy scanning and contacting in case you’re shortlisted for an interview.
  2. Career summary: This section in the 2018 resume format lists the most important highlights in your career, and it should be up to three sentences or six bulleted points.

  3. Education: This section highlights your educational background. It lets the employer see your fitness for the job based on your education. Present it in the reverse chronological order, being most recent first.

  4. Work experience:  Write your professional and relevant work experience in this section.  It must be written in the reverse chronological order as well.

  5. Skills: This is one of the most important in the format. Write skills, related ones as well as related strengths. Use a parallel structure for this part. Every point should have the same format as the rest.

cover letter customization sample

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Resume Formats 2018 Samples

  1. Server resume sample: It writes the summary, career highlights, and experience, with detailed explanation and bullet use.

  2. Admin assistant resume: The resume highlights career objectives, competencies, professional experience, education, additional skills, awards, and honors.

  3. Customer service resume:  Contact, summary, experience and certifications and detailed with years of work experience in one job and highlighting key accomplishments are what you’ll find here.

  4. Customer service representative sample: It includes career highlights, summary, and experience. Only relevant job experience is highlighted.

  5. Admin assistant sample resume: It makes use of a one-column resume. The resume also highlights only relevant job experience with key accomplishments each and company name. In the last section are additional skills, such as bilingual skills, MS Word proficiency, and a few awards.

  6. Simple resume format: It is a clean and clear sample of a good resume format. It includes contact information, career objective, professional experience, and education. The resume also includes additional skills, awards, and honors.

  7. Teacher resume sample:  It is a good sample with only relevant details included. The sample highlights a one-page resume. It is ideal for workers in any industry, especially those with not many job experiences.

  8. Designer resume format: The resume includes many work experiences in the field of film, art department, and puppet building. The sample focuses on the work experiences. It is ideal for people who have several job experiences in the field.

  9. Middle school resume sample:  It is for people in the academics sector. The applicant highlighted experiences as a principal and it listed key accomplishments as well.

  10. Warehouse associate sample:   The applicant used the chronological resume format, highlighting job experiences from the most recent. He also included several career highlights, including package preparation as well as keywords, such as high performing, and shipping and receiving.

Resume Formats 2018: Structure and Trends

According to Bucknell.edu, applicants must give a professional and positive impression in applying. The resume is his or her advertising tool. Thus, it must provide that sense of purpose, accuracy, achievements focus, and clarity.

  1. You can use visual resumes, such as infographics if you’re in the art and design fields.

  2. You can also update and ensure that your LinkedIn profile stands out for employers looking for new talents using it.

  3. The resume must not stretch the truth.

  4. One-page resumes are still good unless you have many work experiences to list down.

  5. The objective section must be replaced by the career summary.Be brief. Keep your resume concise and to the point.

  6. Using a career snapshot that paragraph summaries may prove better than paragraphs in the introduction

  7. A smoother flow is valued. Use white space throughout your paper.

  8. Whenever needed, visual images, charts, and graphs may be useful.

  9. Tailoring resume for the job is important.

resume templates 2018

resume templates 2018

Tips for Writing 2018 Resume Sample Format

  • Keep the paper to one page!

  • Put contact information in the first section, your name bigger in font size than the rest.

  • Use legal size paper, white and good quality paper. Avoid flashy and colored papers. Use the same type of paper for your cover letter as well.

  • Choose 11 or 12 font size.

  • You must include two addresses if you’re moving soon.

  • Justify the alignment.

  • Save your resume to your PC for easy updating later.

  • Use the active voice and more action words to describe your accomplishments - managed, sold, created, led, etc.

  • When listing a skill, mention three examples to prove it.

  • Proofread!

Shine in the job application by using this guide, revealing most important aspects of resume writing in 2018.With it, you’ll be a step ahead of your competition.Use 2018 resume format today!